Minister A-Chun made a special trip to the south of Taiwan, where she showed her support for the Competitors receiving trainings in Kaohsiung. The Minister encouraged the Competitors to continue training and working hard, as well as to keep up their focus and confidence so that they can do Taiwan proud at next year's WorldSkills Competition by flying our Team Taiwan’ flag on the world stage as they receive accolades and awards!

It’s a big surprise that our Minister A-Chun in the Ministry of Labor paid a visit to the "Floristry" Competitor Chang Ke-Ming and "Restaurant Service" Competitor Tsai Po-I. Thanks for Minister A-Chun’s continuing support to our Competitors!

Minister A-Chun made special visits to Shih Chien University, Tungnan University, Hwa Hsia University of Technology, and Nangang Vocational High School to show her support for the Competitors. She reminded them to take it easy when preparing for the competition and not to stress themselves out too much. The Minister also stated her belief that the Competitors will do Taiwan proud in next year's competition and bring home Gold Medals!

The heavy rains were no deterrent to Minister A-Chun as she made her trip southward to visit Goodweld Corporation, National Tainan Industrial High School, and the Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Regional Branch, WDA, MOL. During her trip, she gifted each Competitor a card, which shows a cartoon drawing of the Minister herself and which she had personally autographed, to cheer them on in their quest. With the cards by their side, it would be as if the Minister is with each Competitor every step of the way, showing her support for them 24/7. Besides reminding the Competitors not to lose steam in their preparation, she also shared her faith that they will continue to do well and wished them a good start in the Competition!

In this trip, Minister A-Chun visited the Taichung-Changhua-Nantou Regional Branch, WDA, MOL, as well as Taichung Industrial High School. Besides thanking these organizations for providing the Competitors with excellent training bases and facilities, she also expressed her gratitude to the Chief Expert training team for their hard work. To the Competitors, she reminded them to continue working hard in their respective specializations so as to do Taiwan proud again in the 2022 WorldSkills Competition.